Capos and Key Changing Livestream Archive

Capos and Key Changing Livestream Archive

by Steve Eulberg

In our first LiveStream learning session, Steve covered capos and key changing for chromatic instruments (guitar) and diatonic instruments (mountain dulcimer) in this 60 minute session. (Click on the video above to watch for a refresher, if you weren’t able to be present live.)

Here is the Handout for Guitar-Friendly Keys

Here is the Handout for Mountain Dulcimer and Capo (in DAd tuning)

He also teaches lessons for the use of a capo in DAd and DAA tunings at

Subscribers get full access to ALL the lessons ALL the time!

LOOK at the home page of

FOR NEXT WEEK’S LIVE STREAM at 8 am PDT = 9 am MDT = 10 am CDT = 11 am EDT.

If you have a question that you’d like to have included in these sessions, please email steve:


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Capos and Key Changing Things…

Capos and Key Changing Things…

Steve Eulberg will host a Live Stream conversation tomorrow morning (April 1–no fooling!) . 8 am PDT = 9 am MDT = 10 am CDT = 11 am EDT.

The Live Stream will take place here:

In response to the question of a DulcimerCrossing member about capos when used on guitars…we will have a conversation go better understand how this tool changes things on our instruments, and how we can communicate with guitar players and others when we are playing together.


Leap Forward with Matthew Dickerson today!

Leap Forward with Matthew Dickerson today!

National Hammered Dulcimer Champion and DulcimerCrossing instructor, Matthew Dickerson, will share his knowledge and experience in our March Leap Forward in Your Musical Understanding Live Event for Premium Members today.

Log in with your Premium Membership to access this lesson today:

4 pm PDT | 5 pm MDT | 6 pm CDT | 7 pm EDT

That Membership also lets you view the Archive Videos of the previous lessons:

Circle of 5ths/Ionian Mode Week 1

Dorian Mode Week 2

Aeolian Mode Week 3

Mixolydian Mode Week 4


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Lent Musical Devotions

Lent Musical Devotions

Once again Steve is offering to share a twice-a-week acoustic music devotions for the season of Lent beginning February 26th (Ash Wednesday).

Sign up here and they will arrive in your email inbox twice a week to accompany you on your journey through the season of Lent.

He also has created a Lent Devotions Playlist on Spotify if you want to have access on demand.

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Leap Forward Week 3

Leap Forward Week 3

Performance Tasks/Learning Objectives from this lesson:

1. Find an E Aeolian Scale (Natural/Pure Minor) on your instrument 

2. Use that knowledge to Play God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen or Wayfaring Stranger

3. Name the notes that the student used to play this scale

4. Define the Aeolian scale 

5. For Mountain Dulcimer: What do I have and what Drones do I need?

A. If I use a Capo how do I tune and where do I start?

B. How can I re-tune and play Aeolian in some different Keycenters?

Aeolian Scales Melody String

Aeolian Scales Across Strings

6. For Hammered Dulcimer: Name all the Aeolian Scales I have on my instrument.

7. Understand the usual chords in Aeolian of E Diatonic Chords with G Key Signature 

8. Clues for figuring out if a song is in the Aeolian Mode

9.  Gapped Scales (Pentatonic, Hexatonic)

Other tunes that are in Aeolian Mode: (in Premium Backing Tracks on 

Lake Ozark Blues (Aeolian of D)

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Aeolian of D, E, F#, G and A)

Portage River (Aeolian of D)

` Reluctant Busboy (Aeolian of E)


1. Compare what we did in Aeolian of E to Aeolian of B

2. Look through your music and see if you can identify what key the songs and whether or not it is in the Aeolian (Natural or Pure Minor Mode.) (Eye)

3. Play Along with the Backing Tracks Library on DulcimerCrossing (listed above).

4.  Look at the Dulcimercrossing lessons that are in the Aeolian Mode: We Three Kings , I Wonder As I Wander

5. Report back with questions, insights, “aha” experiences in the comment section of the Homework Week 3 post on the Blog The password is: leapforward

Resources Needed:

Visualization of the Aeolian scale on Hammered Dulcimer (box)

Aeolian Scales on Mountain Dulcimer E & B

Aeolian Scales on Mountain Dulcimer D

God Rest Ye Merry Hammered Dulcimer, Mountain DAC = Dm

God Rest Ye Merry Hammered & Mountain Dulcimer DAd Capo 1 = Em

Star of the County Down Em

Star of the County Down Bm

Star of the County Down Am

Wayfaring Stranger Em

Self-Assessment based on Student Performance Tasks 


New Theory Quiz

New Theory Quiz

Following our first two Live Music Theory classes for Premium Members of, Erin Mae and I have a new Quiz, this time comparing the Ionian and Dorian Modes.

Click here to try it out and test your understanding!

Later today [4 pm PST = 5 pm MST = 6 pm CST = 7 pm EST] is the 3rd lesson, this one focusing on the Aeolian Mode.

Premium Members have access on the Live events page at

(Be certain that you have logged in and the background is blue and then click on the Zoom link for 1/30/20.)


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Protected: Leap Forward Week 2 Homework

Protected: Leap Forward Week 2 Homework

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