Lessons on Bass Dulcimer

21 Nov
Lessons on Bass Dulcimer

by Linda Ratcliff

Be adventuresome.  Expand your musical world.
Learn to play the bass dulcimer.

We have a new lesson taught by our newest teacher, Larry Conger, along with his wife, Elaine Conger. They make a dynamic team as they present a lesson on how to play an original blues tune written by Larry. The most intriguing part to me is to see Elaine playing the bass dulcimer, and hearing how well the two instruments complement each other. Check out the contents for this lesson here.
Enjoy this video with Larry and Elaine performing Swingin’ the Blues at a concert in Cary, NC.
Another new lesson this month, offered by Larry and Elaine, is an explanation and demonstration of the bass dulcimer. After I became more familiar with the features and strengths of a bass mountain dulcimer, I wanted to go out and buy one. I think you’ll want to do the same.
As always, if you have any questions, always feel free to ask Steve or myself.
Happy dulcimering,

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