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New Lesson Series is Coming!

New Lesson Series is Coming!

Well, with many miles under our feet (Steve criss-crossing the county and Linda climbing the heights of Colorado), it has been a while since we’ve been able to give an update, but the wait is worth it!

We had our Chattanooga instructor, Butch Ross, in the studio and his lessons on Looping are now in the editing bay.

Take at look at a sample of his demonstration here:

Keep your eyes peeled because we’ll be posting this lesson set in the near future!

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Music Theory for the Mountain Dulcimer

Our friend, Jim Miller, gives a good overview of music theory demonstrated on the mountain dulcimer. Steve will be teaching at Dulcimer U at Western Carolina University in July 2015.

The Relaxing Sounds of the Mountain Dulcimer

In this video, Jim Miller shows you some of the basics of music theory, and how it relates to the mountain dulcimer. I can’t believe it took me so long to find it!

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Got a new Hammered Dulcimer for Christmas?

Got a new Hammered Dulcimer for Christmas?

We have just the thing to help you play it!

The String-Side Up Lesson Series is for Absolute Beginning hammered dulcimer players and assumes you have no prior experience with dulcimers.  This 30-episode series starts with the parts of the dulcimer, playing in the “box”, hammer grip and hammer control, getting the best tone, finding the notes and the patterns of octave and repeated notes on the instrument; exploring different kinds of hammers, tuning, learning a song, basic chords, noodling for harmonies and transposing by moving boxes.

Our Goal:  When this series is completed, you are no longer a Beginner!

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Joy to the World

Joy to the World

by Linda Ratcliff

A holiday season favorite (sometimes listed as an Advent tune, and often as a Christmas tune), Linda leads us through an arrangement for playing on the Hammered Dulcimer.

Subscribe to and you can learn to play this tune from Linda step-by-step in the full lesson series.


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Still, Still, Still Hammered Dulcimer Trio Demonstration

Still, Still, Still Hammered Dulcimer Trio Demonstration

Here is a demonstration of this beautiful Austrian carol on the hammered dulcimer in three parts.
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Here the parts are played simultaneously: (from the DulcimerCrossing Youtube Channel)

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Introducing our newest Guest Instructor: Butch Ross

DulcimerCrossing is excited to have Butch Ross teaching on our site.

He introduces himself and his lessons in this video:

Check out some of his lessons here:

Right Hand Technique

Internal Metronome

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Orphan Girl: New Chromatic Dulcimer Lesson!

Orphan Girl
by Linda Ratcliff

For Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer Players
“Orphan Girl” was written by Gillian Welch, whose musical style combines elements of bluegrass, neotraditional country, Americana, old time string band music and folk into a rustic style that she dubs “American Primitive.” Gillian and David Rawlings included “Orphan Girl” in their debut album, “Revival,” in 1996. This song is somewhat autobiographical, as Gillian was adopted on the day she was born, and spiritual as none of us will be orphans when we finally sit at the Father’s table in heaven.

This lesson is taught by Erin Rogers on the chromatic mountain dulcimer. You can see the lesson descriptions here with a video of Orphan Girl performed by Scenic Roots (our own Erinwith her sister Amber).


Any New Year’s Resolutions?
Every year, my New Year’s Resolution is to practice my hammered dulcimer more often. How about you?

As always, if you have any questions, you can always ask Steve or myself.

Happy dulcimering,


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