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Does My Dog Love My Dulcimer Music?

Does My Dog Love My Dulcimer Music?

by Linda Ratcliff

Where there are dogs and music, people have a good time.

I’ve always wondered if my hammered dulcimer music hurts my dog’s ears. When I was in college and practiced piano for hours at a time, my dad would escape to the garage in desperation and hammer nails for a while, and my dog would eventually start to howl.

Today, when I’m practicing on my hammered dulcimer, I play some pretty high tones. But Keyla always sits in the chair right next to me and stays with me the whole time. Does she love me so much she just puts up with it, or does she actually enjoy my music?

I read an article about Lisa Spector to find out more about whether dogs like music. Lisa is a concert pianist and Juilliard graduate who discovered that music could help dogs. Her findings led to 15 hours of albums, a portable player, the iCalmDog, and now, music for cats. Today you can find CDs to calm your dog on Amazon.

Lisa saw great results when her team played calm and soothing music in animal shelters. She explained, “What happens is it creates a quieter environment, because the dogs stop barking and they settle down. Not only are they more relaxed, but because it’s quieter, visitors stay longer and adoption rates increase. I’ve had a shelter manager call me and say ‘Lisa, this is the first phone conversation I’ve been able to have in ten years where I can hear you.’ “ 
What about your dog? Does it love dulcimer music as much as you do? As always, if you have any questions, always feel free to ask Steve or myself.
Happy dulcimering,

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Advent Dulcimer Devotions

Advent Dulcimer Devotions

In the midst of the hectic holiday and pre-holiday season, Steve Eulberg is offering the weekly delivery of Advent Dulcimer Devotions to your email inbox.

Think of it:  Sweet Music of dulcimers arriving, once a week, to help your calm and centering prayer or practice be refreshed and renewed so you can return to your daily rhythms with hope and joy.  (That sounds like a tall order, but it is what HE experiences when playing and sharing the tunes of Advent (the church season before Christmas.)

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I Wonder As I Wander

I Wonder As I Wander

by Steve Eulberg

This Appalachian tune, collected and added to by John Jacob Niles, is a lovely, haunting Aeolian melody that fits so well on the mountain dulcimer in DAC tuning.

Steve’s mountain dulcimer lesson series explores playing this tune in traditional drone-style, as well as in a flatpicked melody across the strings, and with chords for singing and a chord-melody version. There is a lot to explore that will help your wandering be filled with wondering.

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Evart Hammered Dulcimer Jam in the Teacher’s Tent!

by Steve Eulberg

The Evart Funfest which happens in the 3rd week of July in the heart of Osceola County, Michigan, gathers amazing musicians.

Under the teacher’s tent, by John and Sharon Skaryd’s camper, there are day and night-long jams and fun conversations, both vocal and musical!  Here DeeDee Tibbits, Linda Foley (both from Michigan) and Chuck Boody (from Minnesota) are leading this celtic-style tune while others are also welcomed in.

I just played with DeeDee at the Kentucky Music Week, Linda’s teaching book with Sarah Johnson (Square One, Books 1 and 2) is the one I’ve used with countless of my hammered dulcimer students, and Chuck’s broad collections of tunes are a treasure.  One afternoon he held a reading session to read through a new collection he is compiling of tunes with harmonies, as Paul Goelz added an improvised cello line.  Heavenly!

EvartHDJam from Linda Ratcliff on Vimeo.


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